Saturday, February 24, 2007

MSM = Mass Sewerage Media

Arguably, the king of the MSM is Eric Keller, executive editor for New York Times.

The New York Times has been on the receiving end of considerable criticism within the US for their part in Plamegate, the revealing of the NSA terrorist surveillance program and the terrorist finance tracking program.

In a recent interview, Keller took a swipe at bloggers (emphasis added):

Some blogs are pockets of expertise like the one that Dan Rather ran afoul of: somebody who had expertise in typewriter fonts. Some blogs are very, very smart analysts of events. Some are actual witnesses; there are some good bloggers in Iraq, for example, both American military and Iraqis. But most of them are recyclers. They riff on the news, and they tell you what they think of it. Those so-called citizen journalists would be out of business without us, because we supply them with their raw material ...
Bloggers as recyclers is an interesting analogy.

Would that be as in recycled water from the sewerage system?

Now what would that make the raw material supplied by the New York Times?

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