Saturday, February 24, 2007

ABC Spins in Real Time

It could be back on again.

The Palestinian in-fighting between the Islamofascist terrorists (Hamas) and the secular nationalist terrorists (Fatah).

The ABC reports the death of three Palestinians in their Middle East Conflict section (emphasis added):

Three Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip in clashes between supporters of the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

Residents in Khan Younis say a Palestinian from the Islamist Hamas movement was shot and killed by gunmen from a rival clan.

The killing triggered a clash in which a Fatah supporter was killed and a bystander also died in the attack.

There are reports nearly 20 other people have been wounded.

Earlier this month the leaders of Fatah and Hamas met in Mecca and agreed to forge a Palestinian national unity government to end months of violence between them.

But there was always the danger that families on either side might continue to carry out revenge attacks and undermine the new accord.

The most fascinating part of this article is the last sentence.

It is something one might expect from a Palestinian apologist.

But it's not in quotes. It's from the ABC.

And it was posted in real-time along with the news of the deaths.

Saeb Erekat would be proud of this.

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