Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ABC = Australian Bipolar Corporation

Looking at the ABC News Online's Middle East Section, one can almost feel sorry for them.

The context is the current internecine conflict in Gaza between the Islamist rejectionist terrorists (aka Hamas) and the more nationalist rejectionist terrorists (aka Fatah).

The reality is that there is no ceasefire. It's an ex-ceasefire. It has ceased to be a ceasefire.

It is merely a tactic employed by both as a safety valve and a ploy in a fight between two thugocracies for domination of Gaza. Two thugocracies who have temporarily let power struggles get in the way of their hatred of Israel.

In the ABC's world of spin, it is causing much angst and mood swings. Setting aside that it distracts the ABC from Israel-bashing, the resultant news coverage is a tragically farcical set of news headlines that is obsessed about the current state of agreements, ceasefires and talks:

Palestinian leaders fail to reach agreement
Surprise, surprise.

Hamas suspends talks with Fatah
A daily occurrence. This is news?

2 killed in Gaza university battle
What are the professors teaching?

23 dead in Palestinian unrest
23 dead is unrest?
ABC: "Don't we use the word 'massacre' to describe this many killed or is that reserved for the Jenin battle only?"

Palestinian PM calls for calm as fighting spreads
Should that be 'Palestinian PM calls for fighting as calm spreads'?

Fatah, Hamas agree to unity talks
ABC: "Things are looking up. I think I can hear 'We Are The World' in the background."

Hamas, Fatah fighting continues despite talks offer
An example of two-track negotiations.

Hamas, Fatah agree to cease-fire
Putting a lid on a volcano.

Cease-fire between Palestinian factions takes hold
Notice the present tense.
ABC: "Rushed news article posted since a few minutes later ..."

Militant killed despite Gaza truce
ABC: "... anxiety and denial set in ... followed by ..."

Thirteen deaths shatter Palestinian truce
ABC: "... deep depression."
Thirteen deaths actually shattered thirteen families, assuming they were not 'celebrated' as martyrs' deaths.

Hamas, Fatah agree on new cease-fire
ABC: "Yes! Finally agreed. Gazans will all live happily ever after. Bet my Lane Cove studio flat (complete with Che Guevara and Mao posters) that this ceasefire is the one ...."

Gaza gunfire continues despite truce
ABC: "... except if you exclude the 'gunfire'. Anyway, it's gunfire without the gunmen, so strictly speaking, no-one is involved, right?"

World leaders concerned as factions fight in Gaza
That'd be the same concern the leaders have shown for Darfur victims?

Egypt urges Palestinians to end infighting
ABC: "At last, an honest broker arrives on the scene ..."

Fatah, Hamas agree to renew Gaza truce
ABC: "... whose appearance seems to have worked ..."

Cease-fire shaky as new gunfights rock Gaza
ABC: ".... err, only temporarily ... oh oh, here we go again ..."
If only the ABC could reveal the human tragedy side to these stories, there might be some integrity to the reporting.

However, they tend to reserve this emoting to when Palestinian civilians are caught in the crossfire between Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers.

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