Saturday, March 17, 2007

Internecine Violence in Gaza

As the ABC News Online website reports:

Gunmen attack UN convoy in Gaza

Palestinian gunmen have fired on the convoy of the director of the United Nations (UN) refugee agency as he returned to Gaza City, but there were no casualties.


President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack.

"We have given orders to security services to hunt down the criminal elements responsible so that they can be prosecuted," he said.

Words that come to mind: fox, guard and chicken-coop.

This after a BBC journalist had been kidnapped:
Fears for BBC correspondent 'kidnapped in Gaza'

Armed men have kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston after forcing him from his car in the volatile Gaza Strip yesterday, Palestinian security sources say.
There have been rumours that al-Qaeda's Gazan franchise were responsible for the journalist kidnapping.

Gazans attacking UN staff and kidnapping BBC journalists.

Hmm. Internecine violence, perhaps?

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