Monday, March 26, 2007

Bringing Clarity to the Middle East

There seems to be a lot of things happening on the diplomacy front in the Middle East at the moment. To make sense of it all, here is a simple summary:

Condi has flown in to push the old Saudi plan. Ban is still trying to flog the old new plan, but Condi has moved on to make the old Saudi plan the new plan. The Saudis are feigning interest in their old plan but have their eye more on Mahmoud and Ali. So does Condi, which is why she wants new Ehud to embrace the old plan instead of the old new plan. Mahmoud is taking Tony's sailors as currency for his men captured by David in Nouri's backyard. Mahmoud in turn is looking over his shoulder at Akhbar who is waiting for Ali to make his way to Paradise. New Ehud is being pressured by Condi, but sees Tzipi over one shoulder, and Bibi and old Ehud over the other and feels he can't say no to Condi. Close by, Ismail doesn't like Mahmoud and vice versa, but realise that they need be Pal pals to get riyals. Which is why they went to see the Saudis. Khaled is trying to spoil the party because Bashar wants him to. Bashar got angry with Mahmoud but sees nowhere to go, especially after killing Rafik and getting nowhere with Condi or new Ehud, even though he wasn't trying that hard. Khaled is still angry with Bibi for poisoning him. Bibi is less interested in new Ehud than in old Ehud. Abdullah is flip-flopping between new Ehud, Mahmoud and Ismail. Hosni is with the Saudis on their old plan but has recently toyed with incarcerating Benyamin for something that didn't happen which he wasn't involved with fifty years ago.

Meanwhile, Gilad Schalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev languish somewhere. Nine months on. Assuming they are alive at all.

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