Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Who Is To Blame?

Bittersweet news from Israel today. Adir Basa'ad, a 13-year old boy injured by one of the many Qassam rocket attacks, is now off the critically injured list. Also, 14-year old Matan Cohen, the other boy injured in the same attack, will not lose his leg. These boys deserve our prayers for their full and speedy recovery.

As expected, the sympathetic coverage from ABC News Online hides any news of the boys' horrific experience behind the post titled Israel to resume Gaza strikes. With no mention of the boys' names. Surprise, surprise.

The question remains: who has the blood of these young boys on their hands? Particularly coming after the month of restraint shown by Israel.

Is it the fault of Islamic Jihad who have claimed responsibility as a response to "Israeli breaches in the ceasefire" (presumably the ones about to happen tomorrow).

Is it the fault of Hamas who "control" Gaza? (I use the word "control" loosely)

Is it the fault of Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah who have raised Palestinians on a diet of Jew-hatred via PA-controlled TV, education and mosques for the last ten years (reconcile this with the fact that the median age of Gazans is 16 years)?

Is it the fault of the Palestinians living in Gaza who provide the sea in which the terrorists can swim?

Is it the fault of the Iranians hoping to wipe Israel off the face of the earth via their franchising of terror to the local lads of Islamic Jihad?

Is it the fault of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Amir Peretz who - from Jerusalem - have courageously withstood the daily barrage of attacks on Sderot to show restraint?

Is it the fault of the US and European diplomats who pressure Israel in the belief that non-military means can stop missile attacks?

Is it the fault of the international community that through the UN has - though its misguided attempts to find a cure - allowed the wound to fester rather than heal?

Is it the fault of the Jews who "incite" Islamic Palestinians by their presence in a land controlled by Muslims occupiers at some point in history (ignoring that it was inhabited before that by Jews) - land that is called Israel today?

All of Sderot's children deserve answers to these questions today. Otherwise we risk them becoming tomorrow's victims of terror.

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