Friday, December 08, 2006

ABC: All Quiet on the Anti-Western Front

Omission is one of the tools used by journalists to appear objective when they are not. After all, how can you be accused of being biased for something that you didn't write?

Hamas Prime MiniTerrorist Ismail Haniyeh is visiting Tehran. While there, he reaffirmed his rejectionist position towards Israel.

The headlines currently splashed across the home pages of many of the Israeli websites are in chorus with each other:

Arguably this is more a spit in the eye for the West than it is for Israel. In particular, it must hit the Europeans hard, who desperately hang onto the notion of dialogue as the sole means of conflict resolution. The only time Europe shows any resilience and will is after their diplomatic strategy is torn to shreds: they are soon back with Plan B. Or in this case, Plan T.

Now, check out ABC News Online's Middle East Conflict site and see how they are covering it:

Nice photo of Haniyeh's visit to Tehran.

No story. Perhaps not yet. Perhaps never.

Stay tuned. But don't hold your breath.

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