Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just Another Day

Civil war in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah. Not sure if civil is the right word. Maybe terrorist war is more appropriate. Includes a gunfight in the hospital. Nice.

Syria's President Bashtard Assad has allegedly sent a letter to Olmert to establish peace talks. Or perhaps not. If the said letter does indeed exist, then based on Middle East dynamics, this means one of two things: Assad is under pressure, or wants to lull Israel into a false sense of hope and optimism. The appropriate thing to do would be to ignore any overtures. It provides the most hope for Syrian dissidents and reformers.

The Iranian local elections are not going the way of Mahmoud Am-mad-about-jihad. Which means his vote-riggers are underperforming relative to his opponents' vote-riggers.

Meanwhile, Hizbollah smuggles some more rockets into south Lebanon. UNIFIL keep their eyes averted from this and looking into the sky for Israeli overflights.

Iran gets closer to the day they can deliver a nuclear weapon. At least the good news is that UPS wouldn't refuse to dispatch it.

The rest of world sits like kids at a magic show, watching the diversionary Holocaust Denial Conference in Tehran. Once again, the Iranian magicians have managed to keep the West's eyes off the spinning centrifuges.

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