Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh ABC News, Where Art Thou?

ABC News Online has this side image in its World section, drawing readers into the Middle East Conflict part of the website:

Note the words Complete coverage.

I hate to disappoint ABC News Online readers out there, but I think Aunty missed at least one newsworthy item this week.

Palestinian Authority Chairman addressed a crowd at Fatah's 42nd anniversary.

Jerusalem Post's reporter - and brave Muslim journalist - Khaled Abu Toameh covered the rally in his article titled Abbas: Aim guns against occupation:

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday called on Palestinians to refrain from internal fighting and to direct their guns only against Israeli "occupation."

Abbas, speaking during a rally marking the 42nd anniversary of the founding of his Fatah party, told thousands of supporters that the Palestinian struggle would continue until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

He also expressed opposition to the idea of establishing a Palestinian state with temporary borders."The issue of the refugees is non-negotiable," Abbas said. "We will not give up one inch of land in Jerusalem and we consider the settlements illegal. We also reject any attempt to resettle the refugees in other countries."

The "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas lets his guard down in front of a home crowd, and the ABC misses it. Completely.

The ABC reminds me of Officer Barbrady: "
Okay people, nothing to see here!"

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