Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Neater Solution

From the ABC News Online article, Red Crystal becomes third emblem of IRC, an interesting choice of word to describe the solution:

The International Red Cross (IRC) has an additional emblem from today - the Red Crystal.

The red diamond on a white background will serve as an alternative protective sign for relief workers in war zones, instead of the red cross or the red crescent.

A new third emblem for the Red Cross movement may sound unnecessary, but the Red Crystal brings to an end decades of bitter wrangling, which went to the heart of the Middle East conflict.

For years Israel demanded recognition under the Geneva Conventions of the Red Star of David - the emblem used by its relief society.

But Arab states refused.

The new Red Crystal was a neat solution to break the deadlock and at the same time offer a neutral emblem to any country which objected to either the cross or the crescent on religious grounds.

For whom exactly is this solution neat?

A neater solution would have been to allow the Red Star of David or Magen David Adom.

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