Thursday, November 30, 2006

UN Encourages Israelis to Consider Non-State Terrorism

When the IDF's tragic error of Beit Hanoun occurred, the UN ignored the fact that terrorists were using civilian areas from which to attack, and civilians to hide among and shield themselves. Covered previously here.

The UN passed a resolution criticising both the Beit Hanoun shelling by the IDF and the Qassam rockets fired by the Palestinian terrorists (my words, not theirs).

The UN decided to set up a committee to investigate the deaths as reported by Ynet:

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday night decided to establish a committee "to look into the facts" of the killing of 19 Palestinians in Beit Hanoun.
The key question is: why was there no committee set up to investigate the Qassam rocket firings?

When Fatima (Fa'ina) Slutsker was killed by a Qassam, why was there no committee set up to investigate this atrocity?

When each suicide bombing in Israel took the lives of civilian men, women and children, why was there no committee set up to investigate each atrocity?

When Palestinians soldiers or security service personnel attacked Israeli civilians during the first few years of this century, why was there no committee set up to investigate each atrocity?

Either or both of two rules of thumb can be inferred:
1. if you are a nation-state, you will be investigated. If you are a non-state terrorist organisation, you will not.

2. if Palestinian civilians are killed, you will be investigated. If Israeli civilians are killed, you will not be investigated.
(Recall that the withdrawal of all Jews from Gaza and offers of land-for-peace eliminate "occupation" as a mitigating factor)

The UN are either ineffectual in today's fight against global terrorism, or anti-Israel, or both.

But it's actually worse than that.

Using the UN's perverse logic, they send a message to Israel: if non-state actors in your country attack Palestinian civilians, we may not investigate you.

What is it that leads Palestinians - but not Israelis - to exploit this?


Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself.

If a non-state group originating inside Israel launched attacks at Palestinians, you can bet everything you own, the UN would be calling on Israel to take immediate action.

On the other hand, the UN has nothing at all to say to the Palestinian Authority when groups originating in their area perform the most unspeakable atrocities.

Anonymous said...

Israel is a terrorist state and is no better than the Palestinian terroists.The murder of those innocents in the house in Gaza was once too many.I supported Israel wholeheartedly but she has lost her moral compass.

neo-Zionoid said...

Mr(s) Anonymous,

I am curious to know how you used to support Israel wholeheartedly. How did that support manifest itself?

With reference to

"Israel is a terrorist state"

... it is easily disproved as rubbish:

- check the ratio of non-combatant to combatant deaths on either side

- become aware of the rules of engagement used by either side

- consider the investigations by either side that follow deaths of non-combatants

But most importantly, the definition of success and failure that each side attributes to the deaths of civilians.

Have you read this ? If so, you may be asking yourself why Palestinian terrorists use civilian areas to hide and launch attacks. Is it encouraged by people like yourself equating both sides?

The accusation that Israel is a terrorist state says more about the accuser than the accused.

Benji Lovitt said...

The UN is a joke. Dore Gold, former ambassador to the UN, wrote a good book about it.

Anonymous said...

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