Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It has been said (can't remember who) that women are a better barometer of a society than men. Men do superficial things like fight, drink, watch sport, even play curling. Women's actions reflect what is happening in society: the backbone of the World War II industrial effort, voting for US civil rights in the 1960s and so on.

Building on the Israellycool post Women's Liberation ... of Occupied Lands, what should one make of the following:

    1. Women volunteering to be human shields to help terrorists escape from a mosque:
    Over the weekend hundreds of women heeded the calls of the local Hamas radio station in Beit Hanun and marched into the line of fire to rescue some 60 gunmen holed up inside a mosque. Most of the gunmen managed to escape in the ensuing chaos, and at least two gunmen could be seen wearing traditional female Muslim dress in the crowd of women.
    2. From the same article, women offering themselves as suicide bombers:
    ... a female suicide bomber blew herself up near troops in Beit Hanun Monday afternoon, lightly wounding a soldier ...
    3. Arrests of a women-only Islamic Jihad terror cell:
    The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), uncovered a female terrorist network which operated in the West Bank in August and September, it was released for publication on Tuesday.

    The women, from the Islamic Jihad movement, were allegedly affiliated with two terror cells - in Kafr Nima and Kafr Ein - which were reportedly responsible for several shooting attacks in the Ramallah area and for setting up an explosives laboratory in the city.
    4. Earlier this year, the infamous Maryam Farhat, aka Umm Nidal (who prefers to send her sons off to die as martyrs with explosives and weapons, rather than to school with their lunchbox) was elected to parliament as a Hamas candidate.

    What next?

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