Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hamas Green House

For those of you who thought Disengagement would advance the cause of peace between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza ...

Little Green Footballs has cleverly highlighted two contrasting pictures: before and after snapshots of the greenhouses. Built by Jews in Gaza. Purchased by rich We-Are-The-World Western types like Bill Gates and James Wolfensohn and left as a legacy for the Palestinians in Gaza to reap some economic gain.

That's an IDF Soldier. And an entrance to a tunnel. Presumably for smuggling weapons and explosives, given its close proximity to the southern border with Egypt.

So since the Disengagement, we have had:

  • Kassam missiles fired at Sderot
  • A (more) radical, terrorist party elected to government by the majority of the Palestinians
  • Corporal Gilad Shalit kidnapped
  • Increased smuggling of weapons and explosives into Gaza
  • Possible introduction of al-Qaeda cells into Gaza
Does anyone still think concessions raise the chance for peace, harmony and campfire songs?

Other than Europeans, that is.

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