Friday, October 27, 2006

Educate to Hate

Little Green Footballs showcases some good ole-fashion anti-Semitic hate speech in the post titled UC Irvine: "One Person’s Hate Speech is Another Person’s Education":

The University of California Irvine ... plays host to one of the most unabashedly radical Muslim Student Union groups in the US. And now the anti-Jewish incitement has reached such a fever pitch that on the weekend of October 8, a student housing building was defaced with swastikas.
In response to this event, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Manuel Gomez held a meeting where some enlightening comments were made by him. LGF continues:
Some of the Jewish students at the meeting revealed that they and others had been subject to verbal and physical intimidation at the hands of MSU members, and that they had previously reported these claims to campus security. In light of this, some students asked that Drake place restrictions on where MSU events are held, saying that if their events were held in classrooms as opposed to public spaces, their effect would not be as broad. However, Chancellor Drake told Jewish students at the meeting that he cannot restrict any club, that it would be “violation of law to prohibit certain speech.” Gomez emphasized that though hate speech may be present, he would not seek to curtail it, as “one person’s hate speech is another person’s education.”
Gomez is literally correct: one person's hate speech is another person's education. Hate isn't genetic - it needs to be taught.

Reminds me of the educational indoctrination highlighted by Palestinian Media Watch.

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