Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another One Converted? Part 2

Reuters reports on more Palestinians, grateful to Israel, albeit temporarily (emphasis added):

For most Palestinians, black-hooded gunmen have long been respected symbols of resistance against Israeli occupation.

Now, frequent internal fighting and lawlessness gripping the Palestinian territories have transformed the militants into no more than gangsters in the eyes of many of those who once saw them as heroes.

"It's very ironic but I'm relieved the Israelis have started a bombing campaign. The gunmen killing each other on the streets were forced to go into hiding," said Mai, a Gaza housewife, referring to strikes aimed at halting rocket attacks on Israel.
Further on in the article:
[Fatah Legislator Nasser] Jum'a said ordinary Palestinians were so fed up with the armed groups "they now wish the Israeli occupation would take over in Gaza or hope for the return of Jordanian rule in the West Bank" to get rid of them.
Jum'a's life expectancy just went dramatically southward.

The article continues later on:
In a poll conducted by the Palestinian independent pollster NearEast Consulting in the West Bank and Gaza in May, 70 percent of those surveyed said they feel more insecure since Hamas came to power last year.
Vote in a religiously totalitarian terrorist organisation and you reap what you sow.
"The message is that people are tired of inter-Palestinian fighting. They are fed up with both Fatah and Hamas, and all they want is to live in security before any thought of fighting Israel," Palestinian analyst Bassem Izbedi told Reuters.
Prediction: once the internecine battles die down, expect this lack of desire to fight Israel to last as long as an electronic product functions after the warranty expires.

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