Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ABC News Bingo

Courtesy of Melanie Phillips, Honest Reporting has highlighted the one-sided nature of the mainstream media's (MSM) coverage of the conflict between Palestinians and Israel:

Much of the media, while focused on Israeli counter-terror measures, have, however, forgotten the constant Palestinian terror efforts that led to the IDF operations in the first place. This April alone, the following incidents illustrate that the media's impression that Israel shattered the calm is anything but accurate:
Further, Honest Reporting also refers to the blog Elder of Ziyon, who has tabulated the number of Qassam rockets bombarding Israel in the last three months:
February: as many as 83 rockets
March: as many as 56 rockets
April: as many as 63 rockets by April 24
So how does our own national news website fare in covering the conflict?

Unsurprisingly, a look at the headlines ABC News Online's Middle East Conflict section
Militants killed in Nablus raid
Israeli forces kill at least 6 Palestinians
Abbas 'reassured' BBC reporter still alive
Clashes as Palestinian journalists protest abduction
Israeli PM calls for diggers to stay in Iraq
Palestinians say no proof BBC reporter murdered
Palestinian wounded after stabbing Israeli police
Missing BBC journalist's parents appeal for information
BBC fears Gaza correspondent killed
BBC chief appeals for Gaza journalist's return
Israeli warplanes 'nearly shot down' US airliner
shows that they nicely fit with the MSM profile described by Honest Reporting.

If news coverage was a bingo game, the ABC would have a blank sheet with no numbers circled.

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