Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Missing Wing

This ABC news article is over a week old, but it was interesting to observe (emphasis added):

Netanyahu re-elected head of Israel's Likud

Israel's former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been re-elected leader of Likud, cementing his grip on the main right-wing opposition party currently running ahead in opinion polls.
Likud = right-wing. Everybody clear?
Mr Netanyahu won 73.2 per cent of the vote, while his extreme right-wing challenger Moshe Feiglin gained 23.4 per cent and the little known third candidate Danny Danon 3.4 per cent, official results showed.
Feiglin = extreme right-wing. All clear on that one?
At present Bibi, as Mr Netanyahu is known in Israel, and Likud are topping opinion polls, capitalising on a slide in ratings of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's centrist Kadima because of last year's inconclusive war in Lebanon and a string of scandals involving senior government officials.
Kadima = centrist.

Looks like a pattern now: we get an adjective to describe the political slant of every Israeli political party.
Mr Netanyahu is the public's first choice to be Israel's next prime minister - 36 per cent favoured him in a recent opinion poll, compared with 8 per cent for Mr Olmert and 22 per cent for formerpPremier [sic] and current Defence Minister Ehud Barak of Labour.
Labour = ?

Aren't we missing a wing here, ABC?


Dan Lew said...

Speaking of wings, at least they didn't use those silly bird analogies.

Likud = Hawkish.
Kadima = Dovish.
Labor = Yellow breasted tit.

Jewish Issues Watchdog said...

...and of course the terms

"extreme right",
(stage whisper)..."left"

...refer to just ONE dimension. Perhaps some issues are multi-dimensional? But even one dimension is a bit much for "our ABC" ....

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