Sunday, June 03, 2007

Which Word is Missing?

The BBC covers the recent discovery of a plot to blow up JFK airport in New York:

Four people have been charged in the US over a plot to bomb John F Kennedy airport in New York, US officials said.

They include a former cargo worker and a former MP for the Caribbean nation of Guyana. One of the suspects is a fugitive, believed to be in Trinidad.

The plot, which did not go past the planning stages, involved blowing up the airport's fuel tanks and pipeline, justice department officials said.

One arrest was in New York and the other two took place in Trinidad.

The four men are charged with conspiring to bomb one of the busiest airports in the United States.

It was "one of the most chilling plots imaginable," US attorney Roslynn Mauskopf told a news conference.

"Had the plot been carried out, it could have resulted in unfathomable damage, deaths and destruction."

The pipeline is 40 miles (64km) long and carries jet fuel from New Jersey and through the New York boroughs of Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.
Likewise, our own ABC reports on the arrested men:
The plot had links to international terrorist cells in the Caribbean as well as South America but was foiled well before it could be carried out, Department of Justice officials said.

Anti-terrorist forces arrested one of the defendants, Russell Defreitas, a former employee at John F Kennedy airport in New York, while Guyanese citizen Abdul Kadir and a Trinidadian, Kareem Ibrahim, are in custody in Trinidad.

The fourth defendant, Abdel Nur, who was also a Guyanese citizen, is believed to be at large in Guyana, say Justice officials. However, police in Trinidad and Tobago say he is thought to be on the run there.

Kadir had been a member of Guyana's Parliament until August 2006.

He was also mayor of the small bauxite mining town of Linden, south-east of Georgetown.

Which word is missing from the description of the suspects?

The correct answer is not Muslim - this is too broad a term. Much like 'dodgy men' would be too - not all 'dodgy men' would try something like this.

As a clue, the word in question rhymes with jihadist and starts with the letter 'J'.

Perhaps it is too early to confirm this is the case.

Keep an eye out for if / when it is confirmed, and whether the mainstream media decides to report it as such.

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